Anti Privacy Policy


Regarding privacy shareholders may appoint separate directors and or signers to oversee the business checking accounts without divulging their identification, however, Obama and Levin (senator from Michigan has been on an anti privacy democratic movement of a socialist agenda since 2000) it they prevail these anti-constitutional law policy's will be the beginning of the total collapse of the capitalistic system the United States of America has been based upon.

Regarding Levin who reported "Currently, nearly two million corporations and limited liability companies (LLC's) are formed within the United States each year" then "several cases which involved the movement of funds through New York banks by entities controlled by the Iranian military and two related matters in which U.S. shell companies were established to hide secret Iranian interests". Get that 2 out of 2 million, well more Senators are caught cheating on their wives a year, which means (using Levin's logic) we should eliminate Senators privilege of sleeping without supervision, same logic who cares about constitutional rights?

Levin on the floor of the Senate stated any citizens that forms a corporation in Nevada that does not live there, is probably doing  it for criminal purposes! Ever hear of McCarthyism?