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Limited Partnership Basic Order Form

SECTION I: LP Service Package

The Pricing of the Basic LP Package is the same as "Incorporate for $100"          Total Fee: $675.00 + $200 for NVBL*

The following services are included with Nevada Limited Partnership Organization:  

  • First Annual Registered Agent Services. w/o saves $100

  • Nevada Limited Partnership Complete Professional Filling.

  • Name Confirmation with the Secretary of State.

  • Partnership Agreement signature page w/sample Agreement &
    Option for custom preparation.
    w/o saves $75

  • Expedited Certificate of Limited Partnership Filing Service (one working day)
    (non-expedite is available 45 days saves $100).

  • LP Nevada State Charter.

  • Certified Copy of Articles of Organization. w/o saves $30

  • Deluxe Partnership Kit, includes.  Deluxe Binder with Sample Operating
     Agreement, Partners ledger, Partnership Certificates and Partnership Seal
    w/o saves $85

  • Shipping & Handling. w/o saves $35

    *Nevada Business License
    now required by the state

Nevada Shelf LP
      Request Year of Shelf Corporation Confirmed Total Fees:   
      ILS representative's

Corporate Complete Business Package  Saves  10%

SECTION II: Partnership Information

Indicate three Partnership Name choices for your Company Name, in order of preference.

First Choice:

Second Choice:

Third Choice:

Purpose of the partnership: (Banking, Insurance, Mortgage, Accounting & Engineering are prohibited without licensing):

Dissolution Date:   The latest date upon which the limited partnership is to dissolve per NRS 88.350(e)

Partners may admit additional members Yes No
If yes, state terms and conditions of admission: (Example: "Upon unanimous consent of all Partners (or general partner).")

Partners may continue business upon termination of the membership on another member? Yes No
If yes, state terms and conditions. (Example: "Upon unanimous consent of all partners (or general partner).")

Any other provisions the members elect to set out in the articles of organization may be noted on separate pages and incorporated by reference herein as a part of the articles.
Number of pages attached:

Partnership Agreement to be incorporated into the minutes of the First Meeting Yes No
If yes, please attach the agreement, or call for procedural information.

How shall the Partnership be managed? General Partner Limited Partners

If managed by the Partners, may Partners contract debts on behalf of the Partnership?  Yes No

SECTION III: Partner Services

The General or Limited Partner names and addresses (two or more names required). (Attach an additional page if more than two names are desired.) 





Initial Nevada List of General Partner/Limited Partner filing $150 (optional in Deluxe package).

The Partners Notarized Signatures may be submitted This is not required.  Yes No
If yes please enclose on a letter size paper.

The Partners Notarized Signatures may be submitted This is not required.  Yes No If yes please enclose on a letter size paper.

For General Partner Services see General Partner Services Explanation  Annual FEE $250.00

Note: You have the option to provide notarized signature of members Yes No

Employer Identification Number, closing month of accounting year: ,
Start of Business Date


SECTION VI: Individual Professional Services
(Not required for incorporation)

1. Partnership Name Change.  Name
to have this Expedited add an additional $165.00 ($40 ILS fee + $125 S.O.S. fee)


2. Certificate Of Partnership Existence (Good Standing)     Quantity
to Expedite add an additional $115.00 ($40 ILS fee + $75 S.O.S. fee)


6. Doing Business As (DBA) Expedited, place names of DBA (s) in section VIII special instructions. Name    Quantity
1.    2 .


7. Initial Nevada List of GP/Partners filing  ($25 ILS fee + $125 S.O.S. fee) for less than $75,000 authorized shares. to have this Expedited add an additional $115.00 ($40NFH fee + $75 S.O.S. fee)

          8. Preparation of Partnership Agreement and Partnership Ledger. *


8. Qualify to do Business (in a foreign state) this is not a foreign filing. Allow Resale.
  ** May not be available in all states - Contact your ILS Representative for details and pricing.

$100.00 + State Fees

9. EIN (Employer Identification Number) Registration Expedited


11. Bank/Trading Account, (see bank accounts)


12. Tax Identification Number, (preparation and filing of W-7)


13. Nevada State Business License (required by State of Nevada for all entities, annually, non payment penalties are assessed)   

$500.00 Corp.
$200.00 LLC

14. City of Las Vegas Business License fees begin at (fee includes NFH filing fee of $50.00 in  addition to a non-refundable city application fee of $30.00+license fee)


15. Living Trust  (Online)           Quantity


Overseas Shipping and Handling  (required in client is not in the U.S.).                                              Fee:$100.00
If requested for special delivery outside the US and Canada

Accounting and Tax planning Information Requested

Special services requested:

SECTION VII: Acceptance

I hereby accept Inc Legal Services as the Registered Agent.


In the event of electronic process, a typed signature will be considered an original.


Password Four digit number, required for future access

Submission of this form authorizes Inc Legal Services to render the services selected in accordance to the instructions provided.

SECTION VIII: Client Information

Note: Completion of this section is optional. Any information provided is for client contact purposes only!


First Name: Last Name:
Home Address
City: State or Province:
Zip or Postal Code: Country:
Telephone No: Fax No:


Business Name:
Business Address:  
City: State or Province:
Zip or Postal Code: Country:
Telephone No: Fax No:

E-mail address:

Please do not e-mail your Corporate News Letter

Communication Preferences

      Mail E-mail Fax Telephone No Preference

Additional Person(s) contact information: w/ additional pass codes & Authorization Level (1, 2, 3)

Special Instructions:

Please fill in the total amount of services selected and the desired method of payment below:

Method of Payment Amount

If Check by fax, please provide a copy of a voided check made payable to "Inc Legal Services"

CC Number Exp. Date

Numeric portion of the credit card billing address (i.e. 123 Main Street)

Zip code of the credit card billing address

Refund policy; all entities will be filed within one working day upon receipt of this order or a full refund is guaranteed. Inc Legal Services takes no responsibility for the State of Nevada or further actions of the companies Managers or Shareholders.


Signature       Date

Typed Signature is to be considered as full authorization.


Save as PDF & E-mail it to


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