Nevada Business Trust Program

A Nevada Business Trust, May operate for any legal purpose as a business using the name Business trust, any trustee may be named see NRS 88A Complete preparation fee of a Business Trust is $200 (this does not include special clause preparation), Which can now be filed with the Secretary of State in Nevada for a fee of $75 plus the NVBL of $200. A registered agent is also required, our fee for RA is $100 annually

Trustee service is $250 annually and is additional to the initial filing fee. Trustee actions are billed at $35 per request. Review of documentation presented for an action requested is billed at $125 per hour. You are permitted to prepare your own Trust agreement or to use your own trustee(s).

The reasons to establish a business trust are so diversified that we prefer to discuss the benefits directly with our clients to fit their specific needs.

Please call at your convenience to for additional information.


Nevada Asset Protection Trust

A NAPT is actually a Spendthrift Trust, which allows the Grantor to be a limited trustee and a beneficiary and is irrevocable, however cannot authorize personal distributions. One trustee must be a Nevada resident, assets are not protected for two years, or 6 months with public recordings. A protector may be assigned to protect against unauthorized activity. We are writing a detailed summary now! see NRS 166


Family Trust Program

A Living Trust is the most is the most basic form of estate management, when properly used in conjunction with the overall estate plan can be very effective. It is important to understand a Living Trust by itself does little for asset protection. Our new website coming online soon will address different methods to assist the planning of an estate.

What type of trust do you need?

  • If you are single

  • You must use the Individual Trust. You can transfer all or part of your estate to your inheritors. This includes both property you own and your share of co-owned property.

  • If you are a part of a couple

  • Couples, married or unmarried often own property together. A Living Trust does not change that shared ownership. They can also include property separately owned by either spouse in their trust. Couples may create a Trust in 3 ways, they may each create an Individual Trust, or:

    • With the basic SHARED LIVING TRUST You and your spouse will both have control of the Trust and if your desire is to avoid probate, this is the ticket.

    • Known by many names, "Bypass" trust, "Exemption" trust, a "Family Trust", a "Credit Shelter" trust or a "Marital Life Estate" trust, this trust, simply stated enables each spouse to individually use their own Estate Tax Exemption to minimize the amount the ultimate beneficiary (Usually the kids) have to pay. The Marital Tax Exemption allows one spouse to leave the other an unlimited inheritance. That same exemption, however, does not apply when the second spouse dies and the trust assets pass to the children. An A/B Trust can save them Thousands of dollars in inheritance tax.


Living Trust $349.00
A/B Trust $349.00
Living Will $250.00
Simple Will  (Individual only) $100.00
Joint Will (Both spouses) $150.00
Will & Trust $549.00

Prices do not include Notarial or Recording fees if any.

We will assist you in preparing and filing any Deeds and will help you get them filed with your County Recorder. It is crucial to the validity of your Trust that all Deeds be filed properly.

The Living Trust

Avoid Costly Probate!

With a LIVING TRUST you:

Protect your Estate

Avoid Outrageous Fees

Minimize Taxes "Due on Death"

Orderly Transfer of Assets Upon Your Death

Reduce The Time Required To Pass Your Assets After Death

A LIVING TRUST provides:




It’s your money! You have worked hard all your life to accumulate it and it should go to the heirs and beneficiaries you choose, all of it, every penny! Protect it.

See Living Trust Questionnaire

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