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Wyoming Continuance Order Form

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This form is for the sole purpose of converting a Nevada entity to Wyoming, the following services are provided in said conversion and is not considered a Nevada registered agent function.

SECTION I: Wyoming Conversion

The price includes the following services to convert (filing of continuance) the company to Wyoming" Total Fee: $575

Wyoming Shelf
   Requested Year of Shelf  Confirmed Total Fees:    ILS representative's initials.

Expedited services, all forwarding completed via FedEx rather than USPS and handled immediately on receipt saves almost 2 weeks $150.


SECTION I: Corporation Information

Name of Company to be converted


SECTION II: Individual Professional Services in Wyoming

1. Corporate Name Change.


2. Certificate Of Corporate Existence (Good Standing)      to Expedite add an additional  $25,


3. Deluxe Binder with Sample Minutes and Bylaws, Stock ledger, Stock Certificates and Corporate Seal     
4. Office Identity, virtual business suite annual fee includes mail forwarding ($5+postage)
5. Manager Services, ILS provides a Manager so that members remain private on the internet.
6. Trust cover page with Signature and beneficiary pages.
7. Fictitious name AKA DBA ,
Special Instructions: such as names of new Directors


SECTION VII: Acceptance

I hereby accept Inc Legal Services or its assign as the Resident Agent.


n the event of electronic process, a typed signature will be considered an original.


Password Four digit number, required for future access

Submission of this form authorizes Inc Legal Services to render the services selected in accordance to the instructions provided.


SECTION VIII: Client Information

Existing clients user name or number or suite number      pass code when this information is provide

 the remaining contact information is not required.

Clients Name 

          Corporate Name 


          City, State, Zip, Country

          Personal Telephone Cellular     

          Business Telephone   Fax     


Please do not e-mail your Corporate News Letter

Communication Preferences

      Mail E-mail Fax Telephone No Preference

Security Code Four digit number, required for future access


Payment of ($) is processed by Credit Card (Visa etc.)

CC No.  Exp. Date , CCV

Number of billing portion of CC address (ex 210 Main is 210) ,  Zip Code of CC

Refund policy; all entities will be filed within one working day upon receipt of this order or a full refund is guaranteed. Inc Legal Services takes no responsibility for the State of Nevada or further actions of the companies Managers or Shareholders.

per the instructions below or mail or fax a check made payable to:
Inc Legal Services and  mail to 401 S. Frontage Rd, Ste. C, Pahrump, NV  89048.

Shareholder ledger is to be kept at the Resident Agents office or

Shareholder ledger is to be kept by the Client.

           I Hereby authorized the above checked services:

Signature  Date 

Print Name 


Complete then  and fax to (702) 227-2222 or Save as PDF  & E-mail to 

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