Nevada Shelf Companies have all been converted to Wyoming! saves$$

We begin with most of our Nevada Shelf companies have been converted to Wyoming, why Nevada's new annual renewal rates in Nevada increased to $650 annually, and increased  penalties if late renewing, this made our NV entities impossible to maintain, the solution was to convert these entities to Wyoming which is $50 per year and receiving the same benefits Nevada offered for far less! In fact we maintain the domicile in Nevada, therefore the EIN and banking remain in Nevada. Call and let us explain, be careful while you search around if the deal sounds to be good to be true it always is.

To understand a Wyoming Shelf you must understand the Why Wyoming and Domicile. Then read on. Warning never buy a shelf corporation if the company representing the entity is not the incorporator!

Previously formed companies are known by a number of terms; i.e. Shelf (shell usually refers to publicly traded) or aged or seasoned companies, corporations, limited liability companies or partnerships or combinations of terms. Irrespective of the term, a shelf company offers unique opportunities. Perhaps the leading reason for acquiring an aged entity in general is credibility. An answer to the most common question, yes you may merge your history with an aged entity.

Business relationships are frequently influenced by the length of time a company has been in existence. This is often true as we are in our 29th year.

The fact that Inc Legal Services shelf entities have never or had limited operation, that all stock or member shares remain intact, gives intrinsic value to that entity. The limited existence of shelf companies should, therefore, not be unexpected. IL's shelf companies date from 2000 to 2020. Most of these entities have Federal EIN numbers and have or had business checking accounts. Note it is no longer possible to take over existing bank accounts. Therefore, a new account is opened with a reference to the existing account.

The age and not the name of the Shelf Company should be of primary importance as a name change can be readily accomplished along with a "Certificate of Good Standing" which is issued by the Secretary of State and includes the new name with the original date.

ILS's package pricing structure is complete. Which means the corporate status with the Secretary of State is current to include Director filings, Resident Agent service, FEIN, Office Identity and the conversion or opening of a bank account as required. There are additional services which may be required. However, our pricing is not complex. Pricing begins with Corporations see Wyoming Corporate Complete Business Package or LLC's see Wyoming LLC Complete Business Package. Then, add $250 per year thereafter. Discounts when over 3 years old! A complete list of additional service(s) with pricing are on the Business package list above. We also provide a list of companies available, note  after the entity name indicates special features exist that increases its value and purchase price, on this list ILS does not provide the complete entity name so that the integrity is preserved, see Shelf List.

We offer substantial consulting in completing the proper merger and organization of our shelf companies. However, IL's does not assist our clients with corporate credit development.                                                                                  

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