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Business Checking Account Set-Up

Inc Legal Services (ILS) offers the unique service of providing our clients with assistance in opening business checking accounts. Currently there are several major national banks which allow signers that live anywhere regardless of citizenship with TIN#. However an appearance is required at a branch in the US. And we have had Canadians open US accounts using their SS from CA.

We no longer attempt to explain banking policy for opening business accounts' as they change policies so frequently. However at this time we are able to open accounts at several national banks that operate nationally. The reason for this constant changing of policy is an effort by the banks to keep up with federal demands which are theoretically based upon the Patriot Act. The issue for the banks is two fold, the Act generally makes the bank responsible to know their customer and the banks are theoretically financially responsible for their customers banking actions.

To qualify as a signer on business checking account said person must have proof of address and 2 ID's and TIN of some type the signer(s) are not required to appear locally*. Without TIN we can assist you must contact us directly.

We offer banking at several of the major banks, who prefer we do not promote their business here on our site.

Regarding privacy shareholders may remain private, you may read our opinion on anti-privacy in short we still have a constitution. Directors are not required to be shareholders, therefore the owner and signer on the account may remain private.

Citibank in Las Vegas today admitted they are not interested  and require an owner to appear, however in location were the owner/signer is a resident it is possible.

Bank of America was the best however now they require appearance at branch anywhere in the US. However today they said only directors can be signers which is wrong, this was at a local branch in Las Vegas, seems like decisions are arbitrary of course they are Nations Bank from NC,

Wells Fargo Since the resignation of the Directors and CEO they are now very confused on how to open business accounts there all the following is in error as of this month will allow opening and a Nevada Corp current in WY with appearance of signer here at branch, they have will allowed signer in were client is a resident.

Chase Bank change it appears to have changed policies again and allows NV/WY with appearance at a branch in US, they appear to be much easier going these days.

US Bank might be relaxing a little we, they prefer just local signers we need to try it out as we are familiar with them.

Band of the West as a French Bank we had some success more to be reported.

City National Bank we have an appointment scheduled to see what their policy is. Still no official policy

Trading Firms: Once a business checking is open most trading companies will allow businesses to open trading accounts, we no longer provide this service.

To use the services of ILS to open a business checking/trading account. ILS has certain requirements. The client must have or wish to file a Nevada/Wyoming entity with ILS as the registered agent and use our Virtual office service program. To order our business package see Order forms. To order an account for an existing existing entity, see Bank Account for existing entities.

For additional assistance please feel free to call or e-mail the Director of Client Services , see Contacts.


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