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Nevada July 1st 2015 changed corporate renewal fees from $325 to $650, was $75, now for many of us is unacceptable. There are several options you may convert your corporation to an LLC in Nevada and pay the $325 annual fee plus conversion or convert to Wyoming and pay $50 a year for annual renewal, the cost of conversion is $575.

Lets  discuss your options and explain; First you may simply pay this increase or do one of the following:  Important the status of an entity in Nevada is irrelevant if it have not operated in Nevada!

1. If you are operating your business in Nevada exclusively you may have to stay in Nevada. We recommend calling to review your companies operations.  Conversion to an LLC maybe a waste of time.

2. Conversion of your Corporation to a LLC the cost are $325, new filing $75, manager filing $325 (with business license) total $725. Annual fee will be $325. By the way we hear the state will increase LLC's also!

3. Continuous to Wyoming, which means your company simply has converted, nothing changes except the corporation has continued in Wyoming, you keep your history. The fees are Nevada certified per copy $30 (any amended filings require a copy), dissolution in Nevada $100 (you are gone from Nevada), introductory Registered agent fee $75, Wyoming state filing fee is$100 then director filing $50, +shipping cost, notary cost etc. our fee $195 therefore the entire total is $575. Annual state fee will then be $50.

4. What is important to understand when you file the continuance, the entity keeps its initial filing date, it is dissolved in Nevada and retains its EIN, bank account and address. We at ILS will provide additional services if required, Office Identity (virtual) $300, EIN $50, Bank Account $200, Director Services $250.

5. We see many so called Wyoming incorporators advertising these services for $400 they do not include the Nevada fees which are a minimum of $130 and the Wyoming Officer Director filing of $50 required after continuance filing, do you want to business with a company that misrepresents services?

6. Domicile is the secret, which means residence, when filed in WY you do not have to change the
Domicile,  therefore an entity may have a residence in NV it therefore retains IRS, Director privacy as well as no state income tax!

Assistance for Wyoming services please call  702-227-2244

Here is our new Wyoming order form Wyoming Conversion form

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