Corporate Credit


We begin with an entity on a shelf cannot have credit, its on a shelf an usually has never operated! There are companies that advertise they can build credit in 3 weeks, yes by supplying false statements, then the buyer using this company is committing Bank Fraud, which is, if you haven't heard  Fraud. Ever hear of Trumps Attorney Michael Cohen. 

 So the question is how to develop credit for your entity legally, its easy. First the entity should be three years old, used to be two but that changed. Then open a checking account to develop an average balance, that takes three months the larger the balance the better $1,000 is better than $100 and 10,000 is best remember average means the balance can never go under this amount. The higher the balance the deeper the credit that is granted.

Next and during this period secure companies credit applications that report to D&B and use the basic principle of age and balance, example Dell, HP. Office Depot etc. Then after three months submit these applications, you will be approved within 2 weeks then immediately purchase something and pay the bill immediately, then again wait a month for the creditors to report to D&B, then wait several more weeks for D&B to update.

Now contact D&B, we will explain how to report to them, and in a few weeks you will have an authentic Paydex!


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