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Nevada increased rates from $75 annual renewal rate a few years ago to $725 there is no reason for this. Today we either convert NV entities or new filings to Wyoming $60 a year and domicile in Nevada! So that the entity retains the non sharing information with IRS and no state income tax and save over $600 a year! You can read on and on, however the bottom line, this is how to organize your company, assuming your requirements are suitable.

Inc Legal Services offers a unique combination of professional services ranging from domestic Incorporation, Partnerships/LLC's, Business Trusts, trusts, and Director Services. We also offer complete Office Suite/Identity services which include telephone service, financial services to include the opening of business checking accounts and help with your Duns and Bradstreet ratings. We provide our clients, as needed, detailed explanations of structural organization that will minimize their tax exposure. After we prepare the articles of incorporation we can assist with the company's by-laws and shareholder/board of director initial minutes and/or operational contractual agreements. Our services are designed to meet the needs of our clients from all over the globe. We began in the Bahamas in 1991 and established our Nevada offices in 1993 in Las Vegas (click on the 28 years banner), ILS in 1996, and have since enjoyed success providing our clients with specialized planning for asset protection and privacy through domestic incorporation and financial services in the income tax-free state of Nevada.

The information herein provided will guide you through the process of domestic incorporation and furnish you with instructions for operating your business entity. Please refer to the home page or the links on the left for the appropriate subject of interest. To establish your Nevada business entity, go to the appropriate order form page.

We at ILS offer a combination of services that are second to none. Our ability to offer clients advice and guidance through the assistance of professionals with expertise in the areas of tax planning and corporate legal services assures that your goals will be achieved in a timely and affordable manner. We are always available to discuss the particulars of your individual circumstances and to offer our advice. We advise all prospective clients to be aware of incorporation companies that are new, do not operate in Nevada, or do not give their address or complete pricing in advance.

Please feel free to call or come by our offices so we may further assist you with your needs and accomplish your goals. All correspondence, both written and oral, will be held in strictest confidence. We promise only professional consultation-without commissioned salesmen. We hope you move on with us.

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